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Friday October 30, 2015
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Exclusive: GOP campaigns plot revolt against RNC
Politico | Alex Isenstadt | 10/29/15

Republican presidential campaigns are planning to gather in Washington, D.C., on Sunday evening to plot how to alter their party's messy debate process -- and how to remove power from the hands of the Republican National Committee.

... On Thursday, many of the campaigns told POLITICO that the RNC, which has taken a greater role in the 2016 debate process than in previous election cycles, had failed to take their concerns into account. It was time, top aides to at least half a dozen of the candidates agreed, to begin discussing among themselves how the next debates should be structured and not leave it up to the RNC and television networks. ... Read more

*Stephen Cobert | The Biggest Loser Of The CNBC Debate Was Everyone (10/30/15) [7:54]

China Warns U.S. It Risks Sparking A War If It Doesn't Stop "Provocative Acts".

First They Jailed The Bankers, Now Every Icelander To Get Paid Back In Bank Sale
ZeroHedge | author | 10/30/15

First, Iceland jailed its crooked bankers for their direct involvement in the financial crisis of 2008. Now, every Icelander will receive a payout for the sale of one of its three largest banks, ├Źslandsbanki. ... Read more

BraveNewFilms | Koch Brothers EXPOSED (2014) [55:54]

Other Brave NEw Films

Paul Krugman on How the GOP Got Taken Over by Scam Artists
AlterNet | Janet Allon | 10/30/15

In a take-no-prisoners column Friday, Paul Krugman pretty much levels the Republican presidential field. They are, in a word, grifters, Krugman writes, representatives of a party that has defined respectability down. And the gullible base is only too happy to buy the snake oil they are selling.

Perhaps the most obvious example was Ben Carson's denial Wednesday night that he is involved with the company Mannatech, a purveyor of nutritional supplements that has been forced to pony up $7 million in a deceptive practices lawsuit. Carson simply and brazenly lied, denying his involvement, and the audience applauded him and booed the questioners (Ben Carson had extensive relationship to dietary supplement company despite denial, CNN). ... Read more

Every so often I add a "off topic" story. I found this one heart warming and had to read it (and see the pictures) all the way to the end.

Dying Puppy Found Alone In Forest Makes Miracle Transformation
www.thedodo.com | author | 10/28/15

Back in May, Stephanie Smith-Justus got a call from a worried neighbor. He had just seen a dog who was in dire need of help and he didn't know what to do. Smith-Justus, who works for her local city shelter and also runs the no-kill Buchanan County Humane Society in Virginia, grabbed her husband and ran down to the end of her street where the neighbor said he had seen the dog. After scouring the wooded forest area, she was ready to give up. But just then her husband found the dog, lying in a patch of weeds at the end of the road. "He said, 'Stephanie, I don't think he's going to live,'" Smith-Justus told The Dodo. ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, October 30 [6:48]
*DN | Flat Taxes, Ending Medicare-Medicaid, Banning All Abortions: Meet New GOP Front-Runner Ben Carson (10/29/15) [12:19]
DN | John Nichols on Paul Ryan: The GOP's Best Actor Since Ronald Reagan (10/29/15) [6:23]
Stephan Cobert
Stephen Cobert | Focus On The Universe (10/30/15) [5:05]
Stephen Cobert | Science Is Naughty With Neil deGrasse Tyson (10/30/15) [3:29]
DR | Friday News -- Domestic (10/30/15) [1hr]
Note: Use the progress bar to jump to 6 minutes to start the video.
DR | Friday News -- International (10/30/15) [1hr]
TRNN | Ruth Coniff analyzes Ryan's voting record: A Look at Speaker Ryan's Record on "Fighting" for the Middle Class (10/30/15) [3:52]
TRNN | EU Passes Resolution to Protect Edward Snowden from Prosecution (10/30/15) [3:45]
*TRNN | Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? Part 4 (10/30/15) [9:17]
*TYT | Republican Candidate Tax Plans Cost TRILLIONS (10/29/15) [3:20]
TYT | Debate Fact Checking: Trump, Ben Carson, Bobby Jindal (10/29/15) [3:25]
TYT | The New Speaker Of The House Is...Paul Ryan (10/29/15) [4:41]
*RT | CrossTalk on Syria: Obama cornered (10/30/15) [24:06]
RoF | Evil Koch Brothers Spend Millions To Eliminate Solar Power (10/30/15) [3:41]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - www.pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

10.30.2015. 13:03

Thursday October 29, 2015
News Articles
*GOP Debate 10/28/15 (full) (10/28/15) [2:35:43]

Jeb Bush's Comeback Strategy Backfires At GOP Debate
AP & HP | Steve Peoples | 10/29/15

Jeb Bush sought to calm anxious donors with a comeback strategy focused on taking down rival Marco Rubio. But Bush's plan backfired badly on national television in the third GOP presidential debate.

Instead of generating much needed momentum, Bush's attack on his onetime protege raised new questions about his underwhelming candidacy in the primary contest he was once expected to dominate. And Bush's continued struggles highlight a deepening sense of uncertainty settling over a 2016 Republican presidential race that remains crowded and without a clear front-runner. ... Read more

Fact-Checking The CNBC Republican Presidential Debate
HP | FactCheck.org | 10/29/15

The Republican candidates met once again, and we found several claims worthy of fact-checking. Here are some of the highlights from the debate:
  1. Former CEO Carly Fiorina claimed that 92 percent of the job losses in President Obama's first term belonged to women, but women -- and men -- gained jobs by the end of Obama's first term.
  2. Businessman Donald Trump disputed the idea that he had criticized Sen. Marco Rubio and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for supporting H-1B visas. In fact, Trump's immigration plan, posted on his website, is critical of both of them.
  3. Trump also claimed his campaign was 100 percent self-funded, but more than half of the money his campaign has raised came from supporters' contributions.
  4. Fiorina blamed the Affordable Care Act for a large disparity in firm closings versus openings every year. But closings outnumbered firm births by the widest margin in 2009, a year before the law was enacted.
  5. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson said it was "total propaganda" to say he was involved with a controversial nutritional supplement company, but he appeared in promotional videos for the company, touting its products.
  6. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that Social Security would be insolvent in seven to eight years. But even after the trust funds are exhausted -- estimated to be in 14 to 19 years -- the program can still pay out 73 percent of benefits for several decades.
  7. Sen. Ted Cruz said women's wages have declined under Obama, when in fact the latest figures show their wages have increased.
  8. Rubio claimed CNBC's John Harwood was wrong that a Tax Foundation analysis of his tax plan found those in the top 1 percent of earners would get nearly twice the gain as those in the middle. Harwood was right, and that's on a percentage basis.
  9. In the undercard debate, former New York Gov. George Pataki claimed the Iranians, Russians and Chinese "hacked" the private server Hillary Clinton used as secretary of state and obtained "state secrets." There's no evidence of that.
Read more

The Elephant In The Room: Deutsche Bank's $75 Trillion In Derivatives Is 20 Times Greater Than German GDP.

Deutsche Bank To Cut 35,000 Jobs, A Quarter Of Its Workforce
AP & HP | author | 10/29/15

The announcement came Thursday as the bank reported a net loss of 6 billion euros.

Deutsche Bank says it is cutting 35,000 jobs through redundancies and the sale of businesses as new CEO John Cryan seeks to make Germany's biggest lender more manageable and profitable.

... The announcement came Thursday as the bank reported a net loss of 6 billion euros ($6.6 billion). Net profit was hit by 5.8 billion euros in noncash charges for the reduced value of its investment bank and Postbank. The bank will not pay a dividend this year and next year to retain capital and strengthen the bank's finances against possible financial turbulence. ... Read more

Pending Home Sales Tumble Most Since 2013 Amid "Signs Of A Slowing US Economy".

7 Astounding Charts Show How Badly The Fed (Federal Reserve) Failed The Housing Market
ZeroHedge | author | 10/29/15

For generations, single family housing development was a driver of US economic growth. Today, there is no single family housing industry to speak of. These 7 charts derived from this week's release of new house sales data from the Census Bureau illustrates just how bad things are. New house sales fell versus September 2015 and remain barely above the housing depression lows, a mere fraction of 2005 bubble levels. ... Read more
Click picture to zoom in

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Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, October 29 [11:29]
*DN | The Armor of Light: New Documentary Makes the Evangelical Case for Gun Reform (10/28/15) [12:49]
A new documentary opening this week focuses on two individuals who form an unlikely alliance to address gun violence in the United States. "The Armor of Light," by Abigail Disney, follows the evangelical minister Rev. Rob Schenck, an evangelical known for his anti-choice activism, and Lucia McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis, the African-American teenager who was shot to death by a middle-aged white man in a gas station parking lot in 2012 after a dispute over loud music. The shooter, Michael Dunn, was later sentenced to life without parole. Schenck describes how McBath inspired him to begin speaking out about gun violence. "It was her passion in the wake of that pain and horror of losing a son to murder that was really what pulled me across the threshold of decision to start speaking to this, even though for me it is at great personal risk," Schenck says. "In our community, when you break with a kind of orthodoxy on social issues -- guns being one of them -- you are seen as a renegade or as a defector."
DR | New Republican House Leadership And The Latest In The GOP Presidential Race (10/29/15) [1hr]
DR | Simon Winchester: "Pacific" (10/29/15) [1hr]
Stephen Colbert - Late Show
Stephen Colbert | The Meatocalypse Has Arrived (10/28/15) [6:03]
Stephen Colbert | Never Bring A Trump To A Carson Fight (10/28/15) [5:08]
Stephen Colbert | Hillary Clinton Binge-Watches "The Good Wife" (10/28/15) [2:10]
TRNN | Hedges & Wolin: Can Capitalism and Democracy Coexist?, Part 1 (10/22/14) [20:25]
*TRNN | Bernie and the Big Banks, Part 1 (10/25/15) [17:37]
TYT | CNBC GOP Debate: The Biggest LOSER (10/28/15) [3:42]
TYT | CNBC GOP Debate: The Biggest WINNER (10/28/15) [9:46]
TYT | CNBC GOP Debate: Can Trump Really Win? (10/28/15) [9:39]
TYT | Body Slamming Cop Fired, Sheriff Still Blames Victim (10/28/15) [13:23]
RT | Post-Apocalyptic scenes of Syrian town Morek retaken from ISIS (10/29/15) [2:32]
RT | Keiser Report: Money Laundering & Fraud Squads (E829) (10/29/15) [25:44]
RoF | Did Anyone Win The GOP Debate? Probably Not. (10/29/15) [4:42]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - www.pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

10.29.2015. 12:46

Wednesday October 28, 2015
News Articles

5 Things To Watch For In Tonight's GOP Debate
HP| Zach Carter | 10/28/15

The Republican candidates for president will appear on Wednesdayat the University of Colorado Boulder for their third debate of the primary season. This time around, the host network is CNBC, which promises to "focus on the key issues that matter to all voters -- job growth, taxes, technology, retirement and the health of our national economy."

CNBC's debate night kicks off at 6 p.m. EDT, with an undercard debate featuring Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki and Rick Santorum. The debate featuring the candidates who could actually win the nomination begins two hours later. Your moderators for the evening are CNBC's Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick and John Harwood. ... Read more

HP | Most GOP Voters Still Have No Idea Who They're Voting For. (10/27/15) (article)
Seven in 10 Republicans who support a candidate are still not sure on their choice.

Record Swarm Of California Earthquakes Continues A Series Of Unusual Events That Began In Late September
ZeroHedge | author | 10/28/15

First it was wildfires, then it was unprecedented flooding, and now it is earthquakes. In the past two weeks alone, more than 400 earthquakes have shaken San Ramon -- a small city that sits approximately 45 miles east of San Francisco. Never before have so many earthquakes been recorded in that area in such a short span of time. ... Read more

God and Government: Twenty-Five Years of Fighting for Equality, Secularism, and Freedom Of Conscience by Barry Lynn

A central player in every major church-state-separation battle for decades, the Rev. Barry W. Lynn understands the complexities of this divisive issue like few others. As a long-time activist, a civil rights lawyer, and an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, he offers a unique perspective and a wealth of experience on church-state controversies. In this lively book, he has compiled his writings from various sources to explore in depth the many ways religious extremists have attempted to erode individual liberties.

The topics range from publicly-promoted prayer to efforts to undermine public education and replace it with taxpayer-subsidized vouchers for religious schools, interfering with end-of-life and reproductive rights, censorship, and belligerence directed against nonbelievers and minorities.

Lynn concludes that the ultimate goal of these extremist forces--consisting mainly of the Protestant Religious Right and the Roman Catholic hierarchy--is the creation of a corporate theocracy, a decidedly undemocratic system of government in which nonconservative Christians, along with humanist, feminists, and the LGBTQ community, are relegated to second-class status in America.
Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy: An Agenda for Growth and Shared Prosperity by Joseph Stiglitz (pdf).

Tthe Roosevelt Institute exposes the link between the rapidly rising fortunes of America's wealthiest citizens and increasing economic insecurity for everyone else. The conclusion is clear: piecemeal policy change will not do. To improve economic performance and create shared prosperity, we must rewrite the rules of our economy.

Markets On Hold Awaiting The Fed's Non-Announcement As Central Banks Ramp Up Currency Wars
ZeroHedge | author | 10/28/15

We would say today's main event is the culmination of the Fed's two-day meeting and the announcement slated for 2 pm this afternoon, however with the 90 economists polled by Bloomberg all expecting no rate hike, today's Fed decision also happens to be the least anticipated in years (which may be just the time for the Fed to prove it is not driven by market considerations and shock everybody, alas that will not happen). And considering how bad the economic data has gone in recent months, not to mention the recent easing, hints of easing, and outright return to currency war by other banks, the Fed is once again trapped and may not be able to hike in December or perhaps ever, now that the USD is again surging not due to its actions but due to what other central banks are doing. ... Read more

Charles Koch's Frankenstein Problem: He Created the Tea Party Monster -- and Now He's Horrified With the Results
AlterNet | Sean Illing | 10/27/15

The Koch network gave rise to the rabid right. But now Charles Koch wails about a 'lack of substance and civility.'

I'm a big fan of irony, which is why I enjoyed this Wall Street Journal profile of Charles Koch so much. In an interview with Patrick O'Connor, Charles -- evidently the more diplomatic half of the two most politically active Koch brothers -- spoke somberly about the tone of the 2016 presidential race and of political discourse more generally. "It's mainly about personalities and 'your mother sucked rotten eggs,'" he lamented to O'Connor.

On the one hand, I understand Charles Koch's frustration. After all, he and his brother are looking to invest $750 million on this election. When a man, his brother, and 450 wealthy donors build a national network of umbrella organizations in order to dictate political outcomes via dark money, they expect to get the results they want. ... Read more

More News
  1. Global shares rise as Riksbank helps ease Fed wait (Reuters)
  2. Asian Stocks Retreat Before Fed as Material Shares Lead Losses (BBG)
  3. For Fed, a Rates Puzzle Looms (WSJ)
  4. What the Superforecasters Say About When the Fed Will Lift Rates (BBG)
  5. U.S. Looks at Proposals to Step Up Fight Against Islamic State (WSJ)
  6. China Steel Head Says Demand Slumping at Unprecedented Speed (BBG)
  7. VW slumps to first quarterly loss in at least 15 years (Reuters)
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, October 28 [8:49]
*DN | Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz on "Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy" (10/27/15) [17:00]
*DN | Massive Indonesian Plantation Fires Create Environmental Catastrophe Spewing Haze & Carbon Emissions (10/27/15) [4:01]
DR | President Obama And FBI Director James Comey Speak Out On Policing And Crime (10/28/15) [1hr]
DR | Rev. Barry Lynn: "God And Government" (10/28/15) [1hr]
*TRNN | Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? Part 2 (10/27/15) [11:19]
**TRNN | Bernie and the Big Banks, Part 3 (10/28/15) [21:41]
TRNN | Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies says: Iran to Join Syria Talks (10/28/15) [9:31]
TYT | The True Cost Of Fossil Fuels (10/27/15) [3:05]
TYT | Obama Helping GOP Cut Social Security (10/27/15) [10:36]
RT | 'We refuse to be enemies': Israeli cafe offers 50% discount if Jews and Arabs dine together (10/28/15) [2:16]
RT | CrossTalk: Syrian Turning Point? (10/28/15) [24:37]
RoF | Media Remains Silent While SCOTUS Screws Over Americans (10/27/15) [8:51]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - www.pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

10.28.2015. 12:08

Tuesday October 27, 2015
News Articles

South China Sea: U.S. Sovereignty Challenge Provokes Anger In Beijing
AP & HP | Christopher Bodeen | 10/27/15

A U.S. Navy warship sailed past one of China's artificial islands in the South China Sea on Tuesday, in a challenge to Chinese sovereignty claims that drew an angry protest from Beijing, which said the move damaged U.S.-China relations and regional peace.

China's Foreign Ministry said authorities monitored and warned the USS Lassen as it entered what China claims as a 12-mile (21-kilometer) territorial limit around Subi Reef in the Spratly Islands archipelago, a group of reefs, islets, and atolls where the Philippines has competing claims. ... Read more

Another Doctors Without Borders Hospital Hit By Airstrikes
Reuters & HP | author | 10/27/15

A Yemeni hospital run by medical aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) was bombed in a Saudi-led air strike, wrecking the facility and wounding several people, the hospital director said on Tuesday.

A Saudi-led Arab coalition intervened in Yemen's civil war in March to try to restore its government after its toppling by Houthi forces but the civilian death toll has escalated since then, alarming the United Nations and human rights groups.

And now, seven years after the financial crisis first brought CDS to widespread attention, pressure is growing inside and outside what's called the determinations committee to tackle conflicts of interest, according to interviews with three dozen people with direct knowledge of the panel's functioning who asked that their names not be used. Scandals that exposed how bank traders rigged key interest rates and fixed currency values have given ammunition to those who say CDS may also be susceptible to collusion or, worse, outright manipulation. ... Read more

*Inside the Secretive Circle That Rules a $14 Trillion Market
Bloomberg | Nabila Ahmed | 10/26/15

Fifteen of the biggest players in the $14 trillion market for credit insurance are also the referees. Firms such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. wrote the rules, are the dominant buyers and sellers and, ultimately, help decide winners and losers.

Has a country such as Argentina paid what it owes? Has a company like Caesars Entertainment Corp. kept up with its bills? When the question comes up, the 15 firms meet on a conference call to decide whether a default has triggered a payout of the bond insurance, called a credit-default swap. Investors use CDS to protect themselves from missed debt payments or profit from them. ... Read more

The GOP's dysfunction all started with Sarah Palin
WashingtonPost | William M. Daley | 10/25/15

When The Post's front page declares: "Republicans are on the verge of ceasing to function as a national party," it's time to ask: How did this come to pass?

You can choose from a litany of insurrections, government shutdowns and other self-inflicted wounds. But this year's carnival-like GOP presidential primary makes one event, in retrospect, stand out as a crucial turning point on the road to upheaval: the 2008 embrace of then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be a heartbeat from the presidency. ... Read more
*HBO | Game Change (2012) [1:57:52]

More News
  1. Hilsenrath - The Fed Strives for a Clear Signal on Interest Rates (WSJ)
  2. Tentative Budget Deal Reached, Raising Debt Limit (WSJ)
  3. China Calls U.S. Challenge Over Island Threat to Regional Peace (BBG)
  4. UK economy slows more than expected in third quarter (Reuters)
  5. In China's Alleyways, Underground Banks Move Money (WSJ)
  6. Inside the Secretive Circle That Rules a $14 Trillion Market (BBG)
  7. A Frustrated Koch Brother Decides It's Time to 'Spout Off' (WSJ)

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, October 27 [8:59]
*DN | Charles Glass: Syria Burning: on the Roots & Future of the Deadly Conflict, Part.2 (10/26/15) [8:57]
*DN | Charles Glass: Tony Blair is Right - Those Who Removed Saddam Hussein Share Blame for Rise of ISIL (10/26/15) [7:17]
DR | Refugees Fleeing Syria And EU Efforts To Cope With The Migrant Crisis (10/27/15) [1hr]
*TRNN | Bernie and the Big Banks, Part 2 (10/27/15) [23:57]
TRNN | Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises?, Part 1 (10/27/15) [13:03]
TYT | STUDY: Bacon Gives You Cancer (10/26/15) [8:10]
TYT | Trump: Daddy Only Gave Me A Million Dollars At First (10/26/15) [3:59]
TYT | Jewish Defense League Beats Buzzfeed Journalist In Paris (10/26/15) [6:01]
*RT | CrossTalk: Situation Syria (10/26/15) [24:24]
RT | Keiser Report: Crossing Financial Rubicons (E828) (10/27/15) [25:32]
RoF | Jeb's Pathetic Campaign Puts the Nail In The Bush Legacy Coffin (10/26/15) [8:04]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | TTIP: The Toxic Trade Deal Coming Up (10/27/15) [6:25]
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - www.pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

10.27.2015. 11:19

Monday October 26, 2015
News Articles

World Health Organization: Processed Meats Cause Cancer
HP | Kate Bratskeir | 10/26/15

The World Health Organization announced Monday that cured and processed meats like bacon, sausage, hot dogs and ham cause cancer, adding the foods to a top-tier list of carcinogenic substances that includes alcohol, cigarettes, asbestos, and arsenic.

Processed meats can be bundled with these threatening carcinogens because of their link with bowel cancer, according to a report from WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer, though their inclusion doesn't mean that bacon causes cancer at the same rate as, say, smoking. ... Read more

The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that a 50-gram portion of processed meat eaten daily increased the risk for bowel cancer by 18 percent. That's about three slices of cooked bacon.

Powerful Earthquake Hits Afghanistan, India, Pakistan
Reuters & HP | Krista Mahr | 10/26/15

A major earthquake struck the remote Afghan northeast on Monday, killing at least 135 people in Afghanistan and nearby northern Pakistan and sending shock waves as far as New Delhi, officials said.

... The earthquake struck almost exactly six months after Nepal suffered its worst quake on record, on April 25. Including the toll from a major aftershock in May, 9,000 people lost their lives and 900,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. ... Read more

Trump: All candidates controlled by money, I'm self-funded (10/26/15) [1:34]
Tony Blair Admits 2003 Iraq Invasion Contributed To Rise Of ISIS

Sarah Palin Marked the Moment the GOP Went Off the Rails
AlterNet | Janet Allon | 10/26/15

Wondering where the insanity that is today's GOP started? Look no further than nonsense-spewer Sarah Palin. This is the view espoused by WIlliam M. Daley, former White House Chief of Staff under President Obama from 2011-2012 in Monday's Washington Post.

The turning point came in 2008, when the party put then Alaska-Governor Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency, despite her utter lack of competency. That is when the party effectively embraced the lack of competence and experience as a virtue. From that flows Ben Carson and Donald Trump as frontrunners for the nomination and a variety of other ills. ... Read more
*HBO | Game Change (2012) [1:57:52]

Poll: Republicans View Donald Trump As Most Electable
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, October 26 [9:42] DR | Pros And Cons Of Raising Tax Rates On America's Wealthiest 1 Percent (10/26/15) [1hr]
Most Republicans in the 2016 presidential race taxes on the nation's wealthiest 1% should be cut to promote growth, but Democrats disagree: Debate over tax fairness and economic growth.
*TRNN | Bernie and the Big Banks, Part 1 (10/25/15) [17:37]
Is Sanders proposal to break up the big banks a solution to the power and concentrated wealth of Wall St.? Bill Black and Leo Panitch discuss and debate the plan.
TRNN | Jeannette Wicks-Lim says: $15 minimum Wage Without Job Loss (10/26/15) [11:34]
TRNN | Noam Chomsky & Abby Martin: Electing The President Of An Empire (10/26/15) [26:12]
TYT | Analyzing The Campaign Strategy Of Establishment Republicans (10/25/15) [4:55]
RT | 'Crystal clear case for Tony Blair war crimes in Iraq' (10/25/15) [4:58]
RT | Keiser Report: Fraud Futures From the Past (E827) (10/24/15) [25:44]
RoF | The Kochs Take Revenge On Wisconsin; The Kochs Brothers Peddling Political Corruption (10/23/15) [10:52]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - www.pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

10.26.2015. 12:16

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